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Let Us Handle Your Commercial Landscaping Needs

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Being a developer in Las Cruces, NM working on large commercial projects, you know that the small things can keep you awake at night.  Landscaping usually accounts for only 2% to 5%  of your overall project budget, however it may cause 20 percent of your headaches. OUR RELIABILITY ALLOWS US TO COMPLETE PROJECTS ON TIME OR AHEAD OF SCHEDULE, AND ON BUDGET.  As a result, Extreme Landscaping will help you sleep better at night.

Design and Installation

If you are looking to bring a clean, well-kept look to an office park, retail center, building, or park, Extreme Landscaping can assist you in making your vision a reality. We work in conjunction with the existing site characteristics and architecture.  We can work with your Project Manager or Landscape Architect or we can design and build a landscape that attracts tenants and customers for you. From the design phase to the final walk-through, Extreme Landscaping will provide you with the expert, professional service that guarantees you complete satisfaction.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SERVICES WE CAN PROVIDE TO YOU.


The responsibilities of today's property owners are great, and Extreme Landscaping's Commercial Maintenance Team can aid in lessening your burden by providing professional care for the landscape of your property. We've trained our professional maintenance teams to provide a higher standard of service and support to our commercial customers.  Extreme Landscaping specializes in caring for apartment complexes, retail spaces, corporate properties, office parks, and parks. 

Thankfully, we are here to help!

We offer a maintenance program that can be customized to suit your business' budget and landscaping needs. Our clients can choose from a general clean up (one time service), weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly maintenance programs. We schedule the same crew to service your property every visit so you can get to know your crew and your crew gets to know you, this also helps with the crew better accommodate each individual client’s needs and  special request. Your property is scheduled for the same day of the week for all regular maintenance services, so that your time is freed up. We will monitor the health of your landscape, we will report any issues or recommendations as well as, give you ideas on how to enhance the overall landscape. You can also view our Landscape Services here to get ideas yourself. 

With our commercial landscaping maintenance services we will do the following each visit:

Mowing Detail: Prior to mowing, the turf areas will be policed for trash, plant debris and rocks. In areas we cannot reach with a lawnmower, we will string trim the turf to the height of adjacent turf. All turf areas will be left consistent with the mowed turf canopy.

Edging Detail: We will edge concrete borders such as walkways, curbs and driveways each mowing during the growing season with a steel blade edger. We will edge as needed during the winter months.

Weeding Detail: Our goal is to always control weeds with no injury to shrubs, grass areas, ground covers or trees. All granite and flower beds will be weeded on every visit during the year. We use Round-Up herbicide on any weed that we can safely apply without injury to surrounding plants. We hand pull weeds within shrubs or ground covers and we guarantee your beds will remain weed free.

Hedge Trimming: We offer general hedge and hedge row trimming. All debris is collected at the conclusion of each service and disposed of offsite to ensure a clean, professional appearance.

Before the visit is over: All surfaces will be blown of debris from the landscape maintenance preformed, the irrigation and lighting system will be checked for any issues we may have caused or for general maintenance needs, and all gates will be doubled checked for closure.

Spring & Fall Clean-ups: During the Fall Season, all leaves and debris will be removed during every visit.  This ensures leaves will not sit on your yard all winter long causing dead spots in the spring! During Spring Season, we will remove all dead or unwanted plants.  We can gladly replace or add any flowers, plants, or trees (Seasonal Color). CLICK HERE to see your Flower/ Plant/ Tree options.

As Needed Services

Brush Clearing: No matter the size or condition, we can get that over-grown area back in shape. Additional charges will be determined prior to any service performed.

Dethatching: Removal of excessive turf build-up to improve breath-ability and allow more nutrients and moisture to reach the soil, improving turf health and density. This service is free an will be performed as a courtesy to you!

Aerating: Twice a year we will aerate your lawn. Aerating loosens turf compaction to promote root growth and nutrient delivery which improves turf health, durability, and density.  An additional service charge of $50 per 10,000 sq. feet will be required to perform this service and will be discussed with you prior to completion.

Storm Clean Up: 24/7 emergency storm cleanup services are available. We prepare in advance of every storm, so that when you need us, we are ready to help. Additional charges will be determined prior to any service performed.


On the 15th day of each month we will mail you an invoice due back by the end of that month. All invoices unpaid will be subject to a 3% late fee each month the bill is unpaid. Services will be put on hold if payment is not received 15 days after the due date. Upon payment regular services will resume.

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