Extreme Landscaping Irrigation Systems

Design & Installation of Sprinkler (Irrigation) Systems

Whether you’re in the need of a new installation, a system check-up, or sprinkler system repair, Extreme Landscaping irrigation systems can help you achieve your lawn irrigation goal. Irrigation in Las Cruces can be difficult as you know, so maybe you want to consider a drip system. Let us help you design and install the perfect system for your lawn and landscape. You’ll know exactly where pipes and sprinkler hardware is to be installed, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We only use the best commercial grade products and water saving devices on the market to create a lasting and efficient system.  A top quality sprinkler system ensures you will not lose your lawn and landscape investment while helping to provide simplified maintenance and a pleasing environment.

For the lawn and beds, we will combine a variety of heads to provide for the specific needs of the area. For your planting beds, we might recommend using drip irrigation which conserves water and promotes healthy growth by applying water directly to the plant base and root zone.

Irrigation System Check-ups

It is important to maintain your sprinkler system. Sprinkler heads can become damaged or redirected due to mowers, animals, etc. In addition, you might have outdated sprinkler heads that are not performing as well as what is currently used. Perhaps there is some scale or mineral buildup. When this happens, your lawn & landscape will not receive proper watering. You might see patterns or brown spots, which indicates your system is in need of a check. Another consideration is the change in plant sizes. Sprinkler heads might need to be periodically raised, lowered, or moved with growth and changes in your lawn, plants & shrubs. By having seasonal checks, you can be assured of always having proper coverage.

Sprinkler System Repair

You need to keep your system in good working order, it is essential to maintaining your lawn and landscape investment. When damage occurs the system will not provide proper coverage. Our irrigation technicians will assess your system needs and perform the work in the most efficient manner possible.  ***There is a minimum service charge of one hour for all repairs or service calls. ***

If you’re in need of a new installation, check-up, or irrigation system repair be sure to give us a call at
(575) 652-3605 to send out a sprinkler service technician to assess your situation.
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